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How can we help your career?

How can we help your organisation?

How does it work?

Funded training

Overall description of all programs


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How can we help your career?

We provide you with quality nationally recognised training courses.

For the last 15 years we have operated as a Registered Training Organization –ARC Training (RTO 91007) and helped thousands of students change their life and achieve their dream jobs after gaining our formal qualifications.

Do you need help taking your first steps in the working world? Do you want to expand your horizons by changing careers or moving up the ladder?

At ARC we are passionate about helping people uncover the right job for them.  It’s truly amazing how much difference the right job can make in a person’s life. It can transform your future, your possibilities and your self-confidence.  A good career
will also enrich your relationships and your emotional well-being.  Your new self will also greatly influence those around you: family, friends and community.


How can we help your organisation?

We support your career development programs with training (RTO 91007) in.

Since 2001 we have surpassed all our stakeholders’ high expectations. Hundreds of Australian companies and thousands of employees have benefited from our general, in house and day programs. ARC can also facilitate ad-hoc solutions for your specific needs.


How does it work?

ARC Training, is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO91007) head quartered in Parramatta NSW and operates a diverse range of courses Australia-wide.

All of our training is accredited. What does this mean?

Accredited training is the official term used by the government to recognise training programs that meet specific standards and provide top quality education. Wherever you go for training, make sure it is accredited.

Credentials and qualifications from an accredited trainer will be recognised by employers. Credits acquired from one accredited training provider can be transferred to another accredited institution.

What are the advantages of getting an accredited qualification?

All of our training is competency based. This means the content is based on your skills and knowledge. Once you achieve or demonstrate the required competency, that box gets ticked and you can move on to the next one. It doesn't matter if you are faster
or slower than others, you create the time frame to complete a qualification.



Funded training

State and federal governments offer a range of funding options to individuals that support your skills development.


Overall description of all programs

ARC Group has offices in Sydney and Brisbane and we can deliver our training anywhere in Australia. We recognise that everyone has a different way of absorbing information. That’s why we offer a range of training methods.

Classroom training

We run classes at the ARC Training Rooms in Parramatta, on the job site, or at an independent venue. In the classroom you will be given all of the knowledge and skills necessary for the unit and be able to work in groups to complete practical activities.
Many people enjoy classroom training because they get to share with others in the same circumstances.

On the job

We can design a training program for you to fulfil on the job and our assessor will visit regularly to ensure your progress. This may be part of a traineeship where you are given time off your regular duties to complete your training, or it may be part
of a special training project.


Your training and assessment materials can be accessed online. We will support you throughout the course with a combination of telephone calls, emails and site visits. A great advantage of online training is that it can be done in your own time. Your
assessor can easily monitor your progress and ensure you meet your milestones.

Short courses

These are normally designed to provide specific skills and knowledge for certain situations. If your employer has identified a gap in your skill range, ARC Training can design a course to bridge this. These courses could be part of a larger accredited
qualification or be non-accredited and very specific to your group needs.